Friday, April 24, 2009

Root Beer Floats

Shortly after I opened, a customer came in and asked me if I carry root beer tea. I didn't; and it sounded both weird and intriguing but to be honest, I forgot about it shortly thereafter. She came in about a month ago and asked again; so I decided to work on a root beer tea.

It's ready. It's a black tea and it smells just like root beer. When you drink it hot, at first it's a bit strange because it's not sweet, and root beer is not usually hot and flat unless you leave it in your car on a summer day when you spend a few hours get all sweaty outside and then you get into the car looking for something refreshing and take a swig of hot root beer; and it's not refreshing, but it is strangely delicious. Just like my new root beer flavored black tea when you drink it hot.

But when I sweetened it a little and added seltzer - it was pretty much root beer! So starting today, I'm offering root beer tea, sparking root beer iced tea, and root beer floats!

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