Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm feeling pretty sentimental tonight. EJ made me a soylent green bubble tea and it almost brought me to tears!

Not because soylent green is people, but because I will miss you people. I will miss our Lark Street oasis and all of the time spent, connections made, and deliciousness shared.

And where else can you get fresh soylent green.

(If you don't know the reference, it's a classic 1973 Charleton Heston movie; stream it when you have a chance)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's Next?

Here's a big, exciting announcement:

For those of you who have wondered where to find The Good Leaf gourmet teas after we leave our Lark Street location, I'll tell you where:

At our Lark Street location!!!!

After we move out at the end of June, Victoria Luciano will be taking over the space and promptly opening up Lil Buddha Tea!  I am so excited.  Victoria will be keeping our decor and the general feel of the space, and infusing it with her warm and calm energy. She'll be carrying about 25 Good Leaf teas, and serving a tea based menu that will include specialty drinks and Bubble Tea.

But there's more: Victoria is a holistic health enthusiast who believes in the healing properties of quality food.  She'll be offering a healthy and delcious cafe style menu at Lil Buddha Tea.  Her menu is in development, but she was kind enough to offer me a peek, and I can't wait to visit as a customer.  Finally, wholesome and healthy foods will be available on Lark Street.  We haven't seen that since Shades of Green closed.

I'm very excited about the upcoming evolution of 274 Lark Street and will keep you posted!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Are you a Good Leaf Tea Co fan on Facebook?  Right now, Facebook is the best way to stay updated to what's going on during our last few weeks on Lark Street.  I do post to this blog sometimes, but have found Facebook to be the most effective way to stay in contact.  Here's the link:  Thanks!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Stuff We're Selling

Do you like the atmosphere of our shop?  We're selling our furniture, as well as some of our appliances including our nice refrigerator.  (Not the buddhas).  Stop in or email or contact us anyway you would like to inquire. Some items can be purchased but not picked up until we close (like the fridge).

Rooibos on Sale

The first of our promotions is on selected varieties of our Rooibos.  Starting today, and as long as well feel like continuing this promo, our Vanilla Infused Rooibos, Sweet Orange Roobios, Sweetheart Red Rooibos and Rouge de Provence are all on sale for 50% off.