Monday, May 4, 2009

If there was ever a perfect Mother's Day gift ....

Several posts ago, I described the pretty tea cozies Petra has been making for our shop and told you we had a project in the works. Today I'm really excited to be debuting The Good Leaf Tea Wallet by Petra. The tea wallet is perfect for anyone who likes to take gourmet loose tea on the go, whether traveling to work or taking a short trip.

Crafted from quality cotton fabric, in vibrant prints with coordinating lining, these loose tea wallets come loaded with a tin of gourmet loose tea, a stainless steel tea measuring spoon, starter pack of tea filters which fit in their own pocket, and a few packets of raw sugar. The wallet folds closed and is held together by an elastic band; even the elastic band is pretty. Petra has a great eye for fabrics and exquisite attention to detail and these tea wallets are exceptionally well-made.

Available only at The Good Leaf, these hand-crafted gourmet tea wallets sell for $19 and come fully loaded. Just in time for Mother's Day.
One more thing: If you can't get into the shop or don't live in the area and would like a tea wallet, you can order one. But I don't have them up on the website just yet. (I have a bunch of updating to do). If you would like to order one, email or give me a call at 518-434-0132.

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Angela said...

Wow they are very beautiful. I don't drink tea regularly enough to warrant buying one but I sure am tempted!