Saturday, February 7, 2009


Love is The Good Leaf's limited edition Valentine's tea. It's absolutely beautiful. If I knew where my camera was, I would upload a picture. (When I find it, I'll edit this post to include a picture of Love)

Love is white tea embraced by rose petals and kissed with the essence of strawberries and cream. It smells like love - sweet, innocent, young love. While the fragrance is reminscent of the bubble yum I was chewing when I fell in love with Josh Rabinowitz in junior high school (I never had the courage to even speak with him; that's the kind of innocent young love I'm talking about here), the flavoring of this tea is subtle so as to not overpower the delicate white tea.

I'll be featuring all my favorite romantic teas in the shop from now through Valentine's Day. When ordering Love, I recommend the following phrasing, "Brew me up some love, baby" (the "baby" part is optional).

For a romantic Valentine's gift, choose a regular tin of Love and heart shaped tea infuser in a pretty red gift box with ribbon for $12.

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