Sunday, February 22, 2009

Customer Appreciation

I really appreciate your business and want you to know it!

I've been planning this update to my customer appreciation program for a while and am ready to roll it out.

Many of you have been carrying a Good Leaf Tea Totaler's Club card with you. (For those of you who don't have one, it's a punch card you use when you purchase drinks at the teabar. With ten drinks, you get one free.) I will be continuing that program and you can pick up a card at your next visit, but I'm expanding the program.

You can still carry the card if that's your preference, but I have additional ways for you to earn rewards. I am now keeping a customer book at the counter. You can create a customer page and we'll track of your purchases. Using your customer page, you can earn rewards in 4 different ways.
1. Get a free tea or specialty drink on your birthday!

2. Track your teabar purchases in the customer book just like you would with your card and you won't have to carry the card anymore.

3. Take the Tea World Tour and earn rewards for trying different teas. We'll track the different teas you try, and you'll earn periodic rewards for exploring the world of tea.

4. The Kilo Club: For those of you who prefer to puchase your teas in larger quantity, we'll track your bulk tea purchases and you'll qualify for a free tin of tea for every kilo of tea you purchase.

It's all your choice. You can continue carrying the card if you don't feel like keeping track in the customer book, or you can participate in one of all of the new Tea Totaler's programs. Or you can skip the program completely and just know that you're appreciated.

Thank you so much for your business, and I will continue to do my best to provide you with the product and service you deserve!

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The Social Commentator said...

Oh, boy, I better make a list of the teas I've purchased in the past few weeks ... :)