Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's Next for The Good Leaf

If you get our emails, this post is identical to the email I sent earlier today:

It’s been an interesting few months, and I’m writing today to let you know about some very important changes for ahead The Good Leaf. 

Here’s the biggie:  as of June 26th, I’ll be closing the doors at our Lark Street shop. 

I have such mixed emotions about this.  As I have always shared with you, creating and running the little teahouse has been among the highlights of my life.  I set out to create a unique little space where you could come to experience tranquility and peace; where you could explore the varied and exotic world of fine tea in a warm and friendly environment and; where you could enjoy traditional teas from all over the world and also have fun with contemporary specialty drinks like home-made bubble teas, tea lattes and Jasmine Champagne. 

In that regard, I hope I succeeded, and I am more grateful than I can express for a loyal and growing base of wonderful customers and a great staff.

But I can’t pretend that these aren’t tough times, and there’s no need to share specifics.  We’re all going through it.  Anyway, after much soul searching, I recently realized that it’s time to make a change that will both protect The Good Leaf and allow it to move in an exciting new direction.

About the new direction: Over the years, I’ve become more and more focused and interested in blending and flavoring teas. Having started in 2006 with not a single signature blend, I am now regularly blending dozens of signature varieties.  With interest in these blends growing, the company has reached the point where I’m able to cross into the next frontier.  Starting in the fall, several of our popular blends will be available in eco-friendly biodegradable pyramid tea sachets.  (That’s a long way of saying teabags!)  This is exciting news because, as much as I am a proponent of loose tea, I am really, really into convenience and practicality, and nothing beats teabags for convenience and practicality.  The beauty of the pyramid sachets, aside from the aforementioned eco-friendliness, is that they are designed for fine loose leaf tea, and the sachets allow enough room for the blends to brew perfectly. 

So while our bricks and mortar operation will be closed, The Good Leaf Gourmet Tea Company will remain very much in operation, and moving in exciting new directions.  You’ll always be able to contact me if you want your favorite signature blend, and I’m going to be actively seeking out new wholesale outlets throughout the region.  In fact, if you happen to know of any shop, restaurant or spa that might be a good match for our products, please let me know!

From now until closing (after a weekend off – we’ll be closed for Memorial Day weekend) we’ll be running all kinds of sales, promotions, and even looking to sell much of the furnishings of the shop.  I invite you to stay updated via our blog.  You can also access our facebook fan page and twitter page at our website.

Thank you again for your continued interest, support, and for making our two years on Lark Street such a great time!  I will miss seeing you there, but am looking forward to an always interesting future.  


Carmen said...

I'm bummed! Unfortunately, I haven't been as regular of a customer as I wish I'd been (time constraints don't allow me to get the boba I crave every evening after work!). Well I can understand why you'll be moving on, and you can count on me to be dragging everyone I know to the store for these last few weeks. Best of luck w/ everything!

Michelle said...

Thank you so much!