Friday, May 7, 2010

Tulip Fest is Tomorrow - Yay!

Well, the weather may or may not hold up for tomorrows Tulip Fest.  I've been to a few soggy ones in my day; I prefer the dry ones but they're fun in any event.  It should be a busy day at The Good Leaf so we'll be offering a special festival menu and came up with a few new drinks to debut.  Here's a preview of what we'll be offering (unless I change my mind about something):

Teas:  Orange Pekoe black tea, Almond black tea, Root Beer black tea, Tropical Fantasy green tea, Nectar white tea, Formosa oolong tea, Strawberry Fields rooibos and Sweet Tart tisane.

Bubble Teas:  Nectar White, Mango Green, Cinnamon Bun Milk Tea, Black Milk Tea, Almond Milk Tea, Root Beer Float Milk Tea (sorry, without ice cream), Crunch Berry Milk Tea

Specialty Drinks:  Festival Lemonade, House Root Beer, Lark Street Pop and Oolong Ale.  Yeah, they're all tea; check 'em out.

We're getting very excited and hope to see you!

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