Friday, October 16, 2009

New Tisane - Swine Away

Okay, a disclaimer first: nothing I'm about to say has been evaluated by the FDA, I don't intend to diagnose or treat illness with what I'm saying here, and my words are not meant to substitute for competent medical advice, but - in India, a combination of herbs and spices including holy basil is being recommended to boost immunity and prevent flu.  I didn't say it - they did

Anyway, I blended up a batch of the recommended combination of holy basil, ginger and pepper. It's spicy and delicious and I'm calling it Swine Away for now because I like that name, but I might give it a name change later on. It tastes great even if it doesn't do anything good for you.  But I bet it does. I've become really convinced about holy basil (aka tulsi) of late.  It's considered an adaptogen, which is an herb that helps the body combat stress and maintain balance, and there's some western scientific support for its benefits and a tremendous amount of tradition and folklore behind it. You can read a little about it here.

So Swine Away is in the shop, and you can find it here in the webstore too.

Update:  Swine Away is now called Flu-Less (because I found that name more amusing).

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