Friday, October 16, 2009

The Meaning of Tea

We are now carrying the inspirational documentary film The Meaning of Tea

From the back cover: Travel on a journey through India, Japan, Taiwan, Morocco, England, France, Ireland and even Tea, South Dakota. The Meaning of Tea unveils tea's mysterious appeal and considers the question of whether any inherent "meaning" is to be found in tea, particularly in this amped-up, high-tech era, increasingly dominated by mass-marketing and fast food. By visiting places where tea is still revered and investigating its role in these societies, the file reveals the profoundly positive role tea may play in the renewal of our world. 

This movie is absolutely captivating. Not only is it a beautiful film to watch; the soundtrack is fantastic, and the film-maker offers us charming and thought-provoking glimpses into everyday tea culture across the world. 

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