Friday, July 10, 2009

Delmar Market July 11

We're back from our fun roadtrip to Cleveland where we visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is one of my favorite places; unfortunately the drive is not the most exciting one, but an interesting audiobook and a stop at the Dinosaur in Syracuse on the way home definitely helped.

We're preparing for the Delmar Farmer's Market for tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will hold out; I just looked online and saw those all too familiar lightening bolts on the picture of tomorrow.

In any case, we'll be featuring:

  • Orange Pekoe Black Tea
  • Earl Grey de la Creme Black Tea
  • Tropical Fantasy Green Tea
  • Moroccan Mint Green Tea
  • Juicy Melon Oolong
  • Rooibos de Provence
  • Blueberry Bliss Tisane
  • Harmony Herbal Blend
  • Chamomile Sonata
We'll also be featuring our Red Flower Jasmine (pictured above). This is a jasmine flavored blooming tea. We'll have it at a special price tomorrow only. Normally, Red Flower Jasmine sells for $2/bloom - we will be offering it in packages of 4 for $6. If you haven't tried blooming teas, they are quite the experience. Blooming teas are made of up to 50 tea leaves all tied together, often a flower is tied into the center. When you infuse the bloom in hot water, the tea blossoms to reveal the flower within. Our flowering tea is scented with jasmine to enhance the experience.
As always, we would be delighted to take your orders for any teas we don't have with us, and we'll deliver them to the market the following week.

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