Saturday, July 26, 2008

Revised Summer Hours

The last five weeks or so (since opening the new shop) have been a blur of excitement and busyness. We're enjoying lots of positive feedback from the neighborhood, and already have a bunch of regular customers. Bubble teas - especially the Almond Milk tea are ridiculously popular, and I was able to develop a recipe for a fresh taro/coconut milk bubble shake. Taro bubble tea is very popular in the bubble tea shops that use the powdered mixes, and several customers were asking for it. Since I'm unwilling to use pre-packaged mixes (they're usually loaded with chemicals), I was determined to develop a fresh taro drink. After some trial and error I think I came up with a good one; although it doesn't taste like the bright purple taro bubble teas from the powder. It's not always available, because I have to be able to score fresh taro, and it takes some work to make a refreshing summer beverage from pretty much a potato. We're also having a lot of fun with our other specialty drinks - the Soylent Green tea latte has been a hit - I don't know if it tastes better when you're familiar with the movie reference (it's people) or not.

After only a week in business I changed the store hours to stay open a bit later. I'm now
open until 9 during the week and evening business has been terrific. If I didn't have to ever rest, I'd stay open later. So during the week, I'm open from noon to 9, with a siesta from 2-3. I'm making another change for the remainder of the summer, and will be staying open later on Saturdays as well. I will probably modify again in the fall, but for the time being, The Good Leaf will be open from 12-6 on Saturday and will be closed on Sunday. I'll also be vacationing with the entire staff of son and Joe for the third week in August. I'll post the exact dates we'll be closed later on.

For those of you who are fans of At the Warehouse, EJ will be playing again tomorrow with Mark Davenport. Since I'm closed on Sunday now, I'll have the opportunity to see him play this time.

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