Monday, July 7, 2008

Get up and Boogie - At the Warehouse

Since I've opened the new shop I haven't had any chance to visit the warehouse, but it's really been heating up this summer; in a good way!

At the Warehouse always has live music on weekends from 11-2 and yesterday singer and guitarist Mark Davenport invited some young guitarists and friends to play a couple of sets with him. Mark is a great musician and he always creates a terrific energy when he's featured at the warehouse; but yesterday he took it to a new level. Among the guest musicians were Mark's daughter Mariah singing, the warehouse's Fred Shapiro on harp, guest guitarists Charlie Smith, 10 year old Zach Miller AND.... most awesome number one son EJ Abraham!

Check it out on youtube:


I'm a very proud mom! (The picture above, by the way, is an old one. EJ's guitar playing - and hair - have undergone considerable growth in the past few months).

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