Friday, April 11, 2008

A New Location

Hurray! The Good Leaf Gourmet Tea Company is now a chain; perhaps the world's smallest chain, but hurray anyway! Our second location will be at 274 Lark Street, between Hudson and Hamilton, in Albany. It's a great block, a terrific location, and a cute little shop. If you're familiar with the area, Lark Tatoo was there for many years before they moved a couple of storefronts down.

Here's a bit about what I have in mind: The Lark Street location will be open daily, and will build on our At the Warehouse concept. There'll be a tea bar serving all our traditional and trendy tea specialties, bubble teas of course, plus some new additions like Rooibocinno (more on that later). Our opening menu will include baked goods and chocolates and will likely expand once we settle in. We'll have about four tables in the shop and cafe seating out front. The interior of the space needs some work, but I'm optimistically and ambitiously hoping to be open in just a few weeks.

The royal we is very excited and I'll keep you posted!

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