Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Me" Tube

When the Capital Region Gourmet Meet-Ups group visited The Good Leaf a few weeks ago, Kathleen Lisson, the group organizer, was kind enough to tape part of my presentation and post it on You Tube. If you want to check it out, here's the link.

I shared a bit about the history and manufacture of tea, what distinguishes different types of tea, differences between true tea and other herbal or fruit infusions, and information about the health and well-being benefits of tea. Kathleen, the group organizer, is an oenophile and initiated an interesting discussion on tea and food pairings. When you think about it, tea and wine have many similarities including the many varieties that come from a single plant, the complexity of the product, and how well both pair with foods and socialization. And while I am a wine lover as well as a tea lover, I definitely prefer the tea hangover.

Anyway, we tasted about 6 teas and participants seemed to really enjoy my "tea sniffing station". All in all, it was a great time; I want to thank everyone who came out (or rather, came in) on that first beautiful evening of the spring season.

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