Saturday, March 13, 2010

Got Tests?

We're here to help!

Today I'm introducing our Exam Survival Kit.  It contains two teas that will help you ace your exams.

Focused Mind
This brand new yerba mate and tisane blend will help you when you need to meet a deadline or pull a late night study session. The combination of botanicals in this blend will keep you awake and alert, yet calm and open to focused thinking and creativity. Customers often comment on the very pleasant "buzz" they experience when drinking this delicious and healthy blend. And with yerba mate providing the energy, there are no jitters and no crash!

This tisane will help you chill out when the studying is all done and you need to unwind and get some rest. It is chock full of all kinds of relaxing and restorative herbs, and if you pay attention, you can literally feel the tension release from your body with each sip. You know how sometimes when you're hyped up, it's hard to unwind even when you want to? Caffeine-free Relaxin' will help.

It's not just for students: this package can help if you need to meet a work deadline, if you're a writer, or you simply have a life or job that requires you to be "on" for extended periods.

A Bonus!
The Exam Survival Kit comes with a fun perk too: a coupon for $1 off any specialty drink at our Lark Street teabar. That includes our wildly popular home-made Bubble Teas. What a way to reward yourself when exam week is over!

The Exam Survival Kit is just $!5 and offers over 70 servings of delicious and functional Good Leaf Signature Tea.  Click here to order, or stop by the shop anytime.

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