Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weightea 2009

The updated Weightea package is now available. This package, which is designed to help you use tea as a weight management aid, was very popular last year, and I took your feedback to tweak the package a bit, so it's new and improved! Last year, this was a customizable package with lots of choices. It took quite a bit of explanation and some customers found the choices to be a bit daunting. So this year I simplified the package and chose three terrific teas as a new introductory weightea package.
Here's the quick skinny:

The Weightea ™ Introductory package includes three teas – an “Ancient Chinese Secret” to boost your metabolism, an “African Activity Aid” for hydration during and after activity, and a “Temptation Tamer” to keep you on track all day long.

The Ancient Chinese Secret: Juicy Melon Oolong *
Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong from China has been skillfully blended with melon flavoring and sweet licorice. Herbalists believe licorice is a weight loss aid; and we know it provides loads of natural sweetness and makes this tea a delicious and beneficial treat. For full benefit, research suggests drinking several cups of oolong tea daily. *If you would prefer an unflavored tea, you may substitute unflavored Iron Goddess of Mercy for Juicy Melon Oolong.

The African Activity Aid: Rooibos Lemon-Aid
Organic green rooibos is the perfect backdrop for tart and uplifting natural lemon flavoring. Drink this iced while exercising, and you’ll be happy and hydrated. Add just a touch of sweetener (we recommend stevia or agave nectar) and it tastes just like lemonade!

The Temptation Tamer: Maté Decadence
To complete your weightea ™ package we offer you our Maté Decadence. We chose roasted yerba mate as the base for this blend, not just because it’s delicious and smooth, but because there are many who believe yerba maté is also a weight loss aid. With no calories and chocolate and caramel flavoring, this decadent infusion will curb your cravings.

Your Weightea ™ package includes one tin of each of these high quality gourmet teas. Each tin brews 25-30 cups of tea. The weightea packages costs $18.00. Click here for more info or to order.

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