Monday, December 15, 2008

Where to find us this Holiday Season

For those of you afraid of the Lark, Joe will be representing The Good Leaf at a couple of different venues over the next week.

Tomorrow, he'll be at Joy's Deli and Cafe at 80 Wolf Road. It's in the back of an office building on Wolf Road. He'll have tins of some of our more popular teas, teaware, gift packages, and he'll be taking orders for holiday gifts. Any orders placed will be delivered to Joy's Cafe later on this week. We did this last year and it was very successful and very convenient for those who work in the Wolf Road area. He'll be there from about 8:30am through early afternoon.

Joe will also be At the Warehouse this coming weekend. He was there this past weekend and it was a great respite from our cold and dark house (our power was restored last night, thanks NIMO!). While we don't have our old teahouse available, we had a great spot near Bees on Earth and Sistah's. Don't know where we'll be set up this coming weekend, but wherever it is, we'll have our most popular teas and tea gifts. It was great to be back At the Warehouse, enjoying the creative energy and seeing how the market has evolved over time. It's filled to the brim with interesting salvage items, and if you want to shop local, unique and independent - At the Warehouse is local, unique, and independent up the wazoo.

On another note - for those afraid of the Lark (Lark Street, that is) - don't be. Lark Street is also bustling with creative energy, yummy goodies, and independently owned interesting shops. Finding parking is really not that difficult at all. During the day, there are almost always a couple of available spots right across the street from my shop, and although parking is more of a challenge later on, you can usually still find a spot within a block of The Good Leaf at any hour.

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