Sunday, March 16, 2008

Talking in the Tearoom - Tell me something good!

There's been a lot of bad stuff going on lately. I suppose that bad stuff goes on all the time, but recently, WOW! It can get kind of depressing to think about all the bads. So I decided it was time to do some "Gs". Years ago, when my son was about 8 years old and having some trouble falling asleep at night, we began an evening ritual that we called, "Gs". Right after I tucked him in, we would each share 5 "Gs". Gs were goods, gratefuls, giggles, or gifts. We enjoyed our Gs so much that we did them each night for years and years. I started it because I thought it would be good for him, and it was, but it turned out to be a transforming experience for me. I learned that even when things are really, really bad, there are always at least 5 good things to notice. My son is now 14 and would probably spontaneously combust if I were to try to tuck him in, but we still occasionally do Gs.

So with all the frightening and unsavory news we've been dealing with lately, today I decided that it was time to do Gs over teas. I asked visitors to tell me something good. And it didn't have to be something huge, for example, "I'm wearing comfortable shoes" is just as valuable a good thing as "I just won the lottery." I think that the little things might even be more important than the big things - they just don't happen everyday.

Here were some of the good things that were shared at The Good Leaf today:

"Spring is on the way - it's almost here. Yeah!"
"I won the 50-50."
"My cats"
"Bubble tea"
"Dogs bring happiness"
"It's light outside when I leave work"
"It's Palm Sunday and Easter is next week"
"Laurel is a nice lady."
"Eating really good food after sleeping for a long time. After brushing, of course."
"Little Buzz banging the gong and laughing."
"A kiss from my daughter after I shave."
"One thing I really like is my bed. I often think how comfortable I am in it, as opposed to sleeping in a cold damp cave. We've come a long way with mattress design."

One teenage boy summed it up with his response, "Life is Good." That's kind of catchy; he should consider putting that on a t-shirt.

And this might be obvious, but I think that tea is a good thing, and I'm going to have some really good tea right now. The kid was right. Life is good.

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Kelly Hills said...

Hehe - every time Buzz went by the gong, his wee hands were reaching for it. Terribly cute.

The G's idea is a good one for everyone - it's so easy to get stuck in the negative and always focusing on the bad.