Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Talking in the Tearoom

Starting this coming week, I'll be posting a weekly "Talking in the Tearoom" entry (maybe weekly - let's see how it goes). This entry will include answers to questions I ask visitors to my teabar At the Warehouse. Each weekend I'll ask a question; each week I'll post your responses. Some questions will be serious, some will be silly, and some will be about what makes life good -right here in the Capital Region. After all, this blog is about The Good Life. So let's find out what people are saying when they're talking in the tearoom. Maybe someone will tell me where I can really get an authentic Brooklyn style slice of pizza around here. I think that'll be my first question. Visit this blog next week and hear what people had to tell me - and comments are cool; feel free to share your thoughts.

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Bluebird Books said...

Thanks for adding a link to my blog!

We love the tea maker we got from your shop a while back. Making peppermint tea has become a little bit of a ritual after dinner now.